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Relationship Management,

Technology Integration, Adoption, and Development

A change in the relationship strategy towards a collaborative and proactive approach restored confidence, led to stakeholders receiving tailored solutions, and improved the effectiveness and adoption of the products and services being offered.

Case Studies - FES.png
Business Management,

Fourth-Generation Business Succession & Re-Emergence

A concise plan yielded a clear path
forward. Catalogues, CON-AG
Industry Expo attendance, and direct,
B2B communications reinvigorated
operations internally, leading to
immediate and lasting impact within
the industry, including a re-established
international presence.

Case Studies - NFTA.png
Business Organization,

Special Operations Training & Preparation Program

A defined brand and structured program was established. The client’s time was freed to focus on content creation and marketing plans. All resulting in a program launch that yielded an immediate reaction from industry peers.

Case Studies - Hometown.png
Business Operations

Reboot Post Ownership Restructuring

A strong brand and product was able to recover from operational hurdles what could have been the end of the business. Opportunities for expansion once lost were regained and on the horizon. Efficiency, consistency, and comradery were able to overcome, and further, act as the foundation for a brighter future.

Case Studies - Competition Software.png
Relationship Management,
Project Management

Motorsports Competition Software Suite Development

Assemble a team and develop a Timing & Scoring, Vehicle Data Analysis, Race Strategy, and Predictive Race Modeling software suite.


Ideation, Front-End Innovation

Thermostat Innovation

Concept development exercise promoting new ways to look at a design problem and offer solutions in a novel manner.

Blue Dots
Research & Development, Ideation

Ice-Pack Technology Innovation

Gel bead, cold pack technology. A reusable medium that capitalized on the best aspects of the existing products. Further benefits included an increase in performance and accommodated a new form-factor, increasing intrigue.

HDYGTW - All Together Now - Presentation - WhtBkgnd.png
Ideation, Concept Development, Branding

Mil-Centric T-Shirt Series

Concept development and subsequent branding and business development. 

Ideation, Front-End Innovation, Concept Development, Applications

Light Technology & Innovation Exploration

Open-ended ideation exercise including phase I prototype creation and product validation. No consideration for physics was included in this exercise.

Case Studies & Artifacts
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