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It operates with a clear, people-centric vision for making the world an easier and more productive place. Whether designing an object, developing an interface, cultivating an experience, or nurturing a organization's culture, ENHANCED begins each project by understanding the people involved and fostering QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS. By guiding strategies with experience-based design choices, supported by QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE DATA, ENHANCED is able to deliver on the task at hand:



Paul Oristaglio began his relationship with design as a teenager through his passion for automobiles. Around the turn of the millennium, he started a customization shop in his father’s garage. Guided by an appreciation for simplicity for the sake of utility, he named it Custom Automotive Enhancement (CAE). The word enhancement embodied his philosophy that design should not be limited to aesthetics but should also seek to constantly improve function.

Following this early pursuit, Paul attended Northeastern University, earning degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology, as well as Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. He interned with Item NPD, a prominent product development firm in Rhode Island, where he studied user-product interactions. Here, he explored analyzing people and data so as to continuously rethink the design of hard-parts and processes. This practice of progressive iteration would serve as a guiding principle for every assignment and challenge throughout his career.

After graduating, Paul successfully married his love of cars with his degree in engineering. He spent 12+ years in the highest levels of professional motorsports, working as a program manager, technology integration expert, and relationship manager.

He partnered with and supported countless high-caliber clientele across all major American racing series: NASCAR, SportsCar (IMSA/ALMS), and IndyCar. Early on, Paul specialized in data acquisition systems – the ‘black box’ critical to gathering the information necessary for improving the car, the driver, and overall racing strategy. Eventually, he graduated to the oversight of series-wide scrutineering programs.

Paul later assumed the position of Key Partner Liaison, where he acted as a kind of ambassador, cultivating relationships between independent organizations. He would also play a similar role within said organizations, bridging the gaps between the various departments and levels that comprise a race team. His greatest impact was made by working with individuals to develop solutions to specialized problems, while identifying and communicating to others how this work affected the organization as a whole.

Over the course of his career, Paul witnessed the progressive impact of his people-driven, collaborative, and analytical approach – contributing to countless race victories and championships.

During this time, Paul took a departure from motorsports to coordinate administration, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing for Leeboy Performance, a newly established heavy equipment brand launched after a comprehensive IP acquisition. Here, Paul was able to focus on organization development as a founding effort, creating something from nothing, rather than doing so as a change effort.

Today, Paul acts as the Chief Operator for ENHANCED where he seeks to empower people and organizations to make their day-to-day experiences easier and more productive. Through simple and calculated strategies that influence shifts in perception, process and culture, Paul enjoys teaching, not just employing, the philosophies of ENHANCED, never losing sight of the fact that focusing on the subject matter experts themselves, the clients and their personnel, is the key.


What It Is & The Philosophies Behind It |

"...making the world an easier,

more productive place."

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"...enhancement of the way people interact

with their environments and each other."

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"...innovation gets people where they want to be,

possibly in ways they could never imagine."

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"...the balance between

indulgence, and being lean."

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"...always cut produce a proper

and complete product or service."

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| Founder & Chief Operator, Paul Oristaglio
| Who He Is & The Experience Behind Him
| Where The Philosophies Were Born & How They Evolved

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" appreciation for practicality."

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"...advancing the way people

interface with technology."

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"...establishing the culture of a

working group from nothing."

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“…connecting with people…

and connecting people to each other…”

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Your World. Made Better.

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